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Traveling Information in Vermont

Vermont is like a scenic postcard around every turn. Tired of the smell of traffic and the noise? You can camp on an island with no cars take a easy and fun ferry to get there. Adventure travel in Vermont is simple, easy and memorable.

There is only one National Park in Vermont donated to the park service by the Rockefeller family. The family once enjoyed this park as there personal wilderness wonderland and a place for the family to get away from it all. The Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park is scenic and has inspired many artist to paint landscapes.

Vermont is famous for scenic highways and Woodstock the concert that truly gave a generation a memory that will last for many, many years to come. Stone Valley scenic highway will take you through thirty miles of picturesque driving. The road takes you along wild rivers, historic villages and postcard perfect views. Marble has been produced here since pioneer times and the rocks are beautiful to look at. Stop off at one of the wineries in the area and find out what the grapes taste like in Vermont.

Elmore State Park is a small lake park with big adventure in store for the person who travels here. You can hike along the Fire Tower Trail to the fire tower and have views of the woods. Take a kayak to the end of the lake down the stream and you will feel like you have discovered a wild place. You can travel a short distance to the Village of Stowe and visit Ben and Jerry's or the cider mill and give your taste buds a treat. Want to explore the world's oldest fossil reef? Grand Island is the place to find the reef on Lake Champlain with its sandy beaches, mild Vermont temperatures, vineyards and orchards. This area of Vermont is where you could spend a week paddling on the lake, enjoying scenic hikes discovering the geological wonders and not realize that your vacation is coming closer to it's end all the time.

If you really want to get away from the noise, car pollution and either paddle or walk Burton Island State Park is only accessible by ferry. Here you can hike three miles of shoreline, camp with showers, rent a canoe or a rowboat, swim in the clear waters of the lake. There is food service and a store to purchase necessities on the island. If you have ever wondered if you could live without a car here is your chance to go back in time and enjoy a simpler time. Vermont is a State where adventure travel is part of the culture being noted for its organic farms, beautiful scenery and untouched wilderness.